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Plastic Technologies Friendly to Human and the Environment

The modern world cannot keep pace without the benefit of plastics. Using plastics, however, obliges us to face resource and waste problems, as well as many other environmental issues.

Established in 2007, Plasteco Corporation has been developing plastic products, production technologies, and equipment that are eco-friendly across the entire production chain. Using this approach we have created ‘World’s First Technologies,’ such as our Supercritical Inert Gas Foam System and the filling system for our Ultra Light PET Bottle.

Plasteco will continue to develop innovative technologies for eco-friendly plastic products. We are working to support a more affluent standard of living, while developing plastic technologies that are friendly to human and the environment.

Ryutaro Hayashi (CEO)

代表取締役社長  林  龍太郎

Company Profile

Plasteco Corporation is located in Ikeda city that has a plenty of natural environment.

Ikeda is a historical and culutural middle size city that has an easy access to both Osaka and Kobe.

Japanese Company name 株式会社プラステコ
English Company name PLASTECO Corporation
Headquater Zip Code:563-0025
1-8-23 Jonan, Ikeda, Osaka 563-0025 Japan

Established in September 3rd, 2007
Representative Ryutaro Hayashi
Business Lines Technical consultation and sales of supercritical inert gas foam molding and other surrounding equipment Development of general foam extruded products

On the bigger map PLASTECO Corporation Headquater

  • 10 minutes on foot from Ikeda station of Hankyu line

Supercritical Inert Gas Foaming Technology

Foam Technology for Highly Functional Products that are Friendly to Human and the Environment


Safe and ecological foaming agent

  • No-need for explosion-proof facilities: Unlike hydrocarbon-based foaming agents, our foaming agent is non-explosive.
  • Ecological: With its low GWP coefficients, our foaming agent is ecological compared to hydrocarbon-based agents.
  • Superior recycling efficiency: Unlike chemical foaming agents, our foaming agent contains no poisonous residue.

For molding highly functional foam products

  • Formation of cells just a few μm in diameter
  • Production of highly foamed crystalline resins — difficult with conventional foam technologies
  • High added value, such as optical performance, by controlling cell diameter

Quantitative Supercritical Inert Gas Feeder

Precise gas addition essential to supercritical inert gas foaming


Applicable to any foam molding

  • Slight fluctuations in the addition of CO2 or N2 greatly affect cell diameter and the foaming conditions.
  • Pressure fluctuations at the gas injection port of a molding machine creates large fluctuations in the amount of gas supplied by conventional pressure control pumps.
  • In contrast, PLASTECO2 continuously controls the flow of added gas and synchronizes the pressure with that in the molding machine, maintaining stable foaming conditions.

For quantitative addition of various inert gases

  • PLASTECO2 can be used to add various inert gases such as supercritical carbon dioxide and nitrogen.
  • PLASTECO2 systems can supply gas in micro to large amounts.
  • Standard models provide gas at supply pressures of 15 MPa and 25 MPa. Higher pressure models are also available.

For purposes other than foam molding

  • Demand is growing for supply of supercritical inert gases other than for foam molding.
  • We can manage requests for various options, allowing customers to employ PLASTECO2 for a wide variety of uses.

CO2 Foam PP Board


CO2 Foam PLA Sheet

Total technical support

  • Plasteco thoroughly supports the development of raw materials, operation processes, and equipment
  • Supercritical Inert Gas Feeder (PLASTECO2) can feed carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and other inert gases
  • Our standard lineup of foam molding machines includes extruders and reaction injection molders (RIM)

Foam test

PLA Foam ProductDevelopment

Foam bio plastics with eco foaming technology

PLA Tray PLA Cup

Plasteco has been conducting cooperative research with research institutions to develop foam resin products and production techniques that solve environmental problems and resource issues.
The use of petroleum resin is gradually being restricted in many parts of the world. Our foam bio-plastic products, however, are fully non-petroleum and biodegradable, and are advanced materials that can be used safely and sustainably.

Aiming to develop the ultimate in eco-friendly foam products

  • Both raw material (PLA) and foaming agent (CO2) are non-petroleum => carbon neutral
  • The foam products are fully biodegradable and safely recyclable.
  • Very low-cost specifications and production, with widely used resins such as PS.

Using PLA for producing high functional foam

  • Highly foamed PLA sheets and boards. (expansion ratio > 20X)
  • Micro-cellular foamed PLA sheet. (cell diameter in low μm range )
  • For highly functional foams, such as high heat insulation.

Ultra Light PET Bottle Filling System

Plasteco provides the world with safe and ecological beverage containers


PET bottle : thinner the better

  • PET bottle collection costs are tremendous because their rigidity and bulk prevent them from being easily crushed.
  • Ultra Light Bottles are easily crushed, reducing the collection cost of empty bottles.
  • A 330-ml Ultra Light Bottle weighs only 7 g, half the weight of an ordinary bottle, yet has sufficient strength to hold contents.

Extreme Eco Bottle

  • The bottles are filled and sealed under aseptic conditions right after blow molding. This eliminates the need for bottle rinsing before filling, saving many tons of water.
  • Customers can choose between aluminum heat sealing or a screw cap for bottle mouth closure.
  • We provide bottle-stamping equipment for printing directly on the bottle body. Ordinary bottle labelers, such as OPP, are also available.

Total Technical Support

  • Plasteco designs totally integrated filling lines, including blow molders, filling systems, printing equipment, and bottle labelers.
  • The filling line allows production of a variety of beverages in small lots, ideal for local production and local consumption.

Ultra Light Case Bottle Filling System

Sales of Bottle Filling, Printing and Casing Line

Applicable to wide variety and range of bottle shapes, sizes, production speed, and contents of the bottle

Plasteco designs fully automatic bottled beverage production line from bottle molding to casing.

Applicable to wide variety of bottle shapes and sizes.

For variety of beverages such as water, tea, carbonated drink and juice.

プラステコのボトル飲料充填・梱包ライン プラステコのボトル飲料充填・梱包ライン

Bottle Filling and Casing Line

Plasteco's Global Strategy

Making Better Plastic For Humans and the Environment

Plasteco cooperates Chinese pertner. We are expanding our supercritical inert gas foaming business in China.

We will soon establish production bases in India, Thailand, and North America for production and sales of Supercritical Inert Gas Foam Products, Supercritical Inert Gas Foam Systems, and Quantitative Supercritical Inert Gas Feeders.

Plasteco is also conducting research and development of foam product production to meet demand in various locations worldwide.