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Supercritical Inert Gas Foam Molding

Ultra Light PET Bottle Filling System

MCF Extruder Molding System

Foam Technology for Highly Functional Products

Plasteco contributes to develop highly functional products with our environmentally friendly technology.
Plasteco propose a system optimized for foaming at low cost by constructing a global system.

We have a test facility, it is possible to test foaming of the desired resin.

  • Test facility
  • 発泡押出システム

    Safe and Ecological Foaming Agent

    • No-need for explosion-proof facilities: Unlike hydrocarbon-based foaming agents, our foaming agent is non-explosive.
    • Ecological: With its low GWP coefficients, our foaming agent is ecological compared to hydrocarbon-based agents.
    • Superior recycling efficiency: Unlike chemical foaming agents, our foaming agent contains no poisonous residue.

    Supercritical inert gas foaming enables:

    • Formation of cells just a few μm in diameter
    • Production of highly foamed crystalline resins — difficult with conventional foam technologies
    • High added value, such as optical performance, by controlling cell diameter

    Total Technical Support

    • Plasteco thoroughly supports the development of raw materials, operation processes, and equipment.
    • Supercritical Inert Gas Feeder (PLASTECO2) can feed carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and other inert gases.
    • Our standard lineup of foam molding machines includes extruders and reaction injection molders (RIM).

    MCF-RIM Molding System

    New foam molding by using ecological supercritical inert gases
    Plasteco's environmentally friendly technology enables to produce unprecedented foam RIM products that were unsuitable to foam.

    Features for Supercritical Foam RIM

    • For microcellular plastic products : a few micro meter cells.
    • For high cell density : more than 109
    • For weight saving
    • For high insulative property : low heat conductivity
    • For superior high-frequency property : low dielectric constant
    • For fine elastomer foam products
    • For fine and smooth surface : controllable skin layer
    • For making independent or interconnecting cells
    • For complicated structural design with no sink-mark
    • For shortening forming cycles/li>
    • For avoiding environmentally harmful foaming agents
    • No need for explosion proof facility
    • Inexpensive foaming agent

    Supercritical Inert Gas Foam Reaction Injection Molding

    Supercritical Inert Gas Foam RIM is the microcellular foam technology that dissolves inert gases such as CO2 into resin and produce microcellular foam by suddenly change its pressure and temperature.

    The technology enables to produce foamed products made of PU and DCPD. This environmentally friendly technology uses supercritical CO2 as a foaming agent and can contribute to develop sophisticated highly functional foam products such as high heat conductivity and low dielectric constant.

    PU elastomer sample (RIM)

    PU elastomer sample (RIM)

    DCPD sample (RIM)

    DCPD sample (RIM)

    Quantitative Supercritical Inert Gas Feeder

    Quantitative supply technology that responds to instant pressure fluctuations

    PLASTECO2 enables extremely precise supply of foaming agents that conventional pumps cannnot achieve.

    PLASTECO2 is a quantitative gas feeder developed specially for supercritical inert gas foam molding.

    Highly precise gas supply to any foam molding

    Because of the low solubility of carbon dioxide and nitrogen in resins, slight fluctuations in gas supply have a large effect on the foaming conditions.

    PLASTECO2 ensures precise gas addition by automatically synchronizing the addition pressure with the pressure in the molding machine.

    For quantitative addition of various inert gases

    PLASTECO2 can be used to add various inert gases such as supercritical carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

    PLASTECO2 systems can supply gas in micro to large amounts.
    Standard models provide gas at supply pressures of 15 MPa and 25 MPa. Higher pressure models are also available.

    For purposes other than foam molding

    Demand is growing for supply of supercritical inert gases other than for foam molding.

    We can manage requests for various options, allowing customers to employ PLASTECO2 for a wide variety of uses.

    超臨界不活性ガス定量供給装置 PLASTECO2と従来ポンプとの性能比較

    Comparison of CO2 addition between PLASTECO2 and conventional pumps

    Quantitative Carbon Dioxide Feeder

    Quantitative Carbon Dioxide Feeder

    Quantitative Nitrogen Gas Feeder

    Quantitative Nitrogen Gas Feeder

    Ultra Light PET Bottle Filling System

    Different from reuse and recycle : Ultimate solution to supply safe and ecological beverages to the people in the world

    A 330-ml Ultra Light Bottle which Plasteco made weighs only 7 g, half the weight of an ordinary bottle.

    Capacity 300ml Weights only 7g
    • For reducing the conventional bottle weight by half = 7g(300ml)
    • Easily crushed = Reducing the collection cost of empty bottles.
    • Filling and mouth sealing processes are completed under an aseptic condition right after molding bottles = Rinsing water is unnecessary.
    • Printable bottle surface = Bottle label might be omitted.
    • Total technical support = Plasteco designs consistent bottle filling lines including blow molding machine, filling, printing and labeling equipment.
    • Compact set-up of the equipment = Applicable to produce small quantity, large variety beverages for the local consumption.
    • Remote control of the equipment by the Super Vision System.
    Ultra Light PET Bottle Filling System

    Ultra Light PET Bottle Filling System

    Bottle Filling, Printing and Casing Line

    Plasteco designs totally integrated filling lines, including blow molders, filling systems, printing equipment, and bottle labelers.

    Plasteco designs fully automatic bottled beverage production line from bottle molding to casing.

    • Applicable to wide range of production requirement
    • For variety of beverages such as water, tea, carbonated drink and juice
    • For wide range of equipment composition : Bottle molder, Filler, Capper, Pasteurizer, Labeler and Caser
    • Applicable to wide variety of bottle shapes and sizes


    Composition example of bottled beverage production line


    Bottle molder and bottle storage

    • Stretch blow bottle molder
    • Bottle silo

    Sterilizing machines

    • Sterilizing conveyor
    • Pasteurizer
    • Bottle dryer

    Other equipment

    • Bottle alignment machine
    • Conveyor system
    • Buffer table
    • Bottle weight checker

    Rinsing, Filling, Sealing Equipment

    • Bottle rinsing, filling, sealing equipment
    • Cap feeder
    • Cap sterilizing unit

    Wrapping and casing equipment

    • Shrink labeler
    • OPP labeler
    • Pad printer
    • Ink jet printer
    • Case around caser
    • Palletizer