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About this site

Before using this site, users are strongly encouraged to read the following matters.
Furthermore, please be advised that the following matters are subject to be changed or deleted without announcements.


The copyrights of the contents on this site belong to Plasteco or a third person.
Copying, faking and diverting for secondary use are prohibited by the copyright law regardless of non-profit, profit-making or intranet.

About sharing a link

In general, this site is link free.
However, Plasteco will not bear full responsibility for any troubles and compensations of damage by sharing a link of this site.
Furthermore, Plasteco does not allow sharing a link from any of the following sites.

  • The site abuses Plasteco's officers, employees as well as products and services
  • The site that purveys information that is contrary to social ethics or is illegal
  • The site that takes in Plasteco's site within their frame and makes the distinction impossible
  • The site assessed as inappropriate by Plasteco

The link sites of Plasteco's site are administrated by the link site administrator. Therefore, those link sites are not in the control of Plasteco. Furthermore, sharing a link does not mean Plasteco and the link sites have any relations such as cooperation.
Plasteco will not bear full responsibility for any damage caused by the contents of the link sites or using the link sites.


Plasteco pays close attention when publishing information on this site. However, Plasteco does not guarantee the accuracy, usability, reliability of the information. Also, Plasteco will not bear any responsibility whether the information on this site answers the users' purposes.
Plasteco will not bear full responsibility for any damage caused by using the information on this site or not being able to use the information on this site.

Privacy Policy

Protection of personal information

Plasteco Corporation esteems the personal information of the customers, business partners as well as the employees and strives to protect it based on the following policy.

  • Plasteco abides by the laws and norms related with the protection of personal information.
  • Plasteco properly conducts the acquisition, transfer, utilization, proffer, administration, and abolition of the personal information in accordance with Plasteco's administrative provision of personal information.
  • Plasteco implements necessary and proper safety measures against the risks including unauthorized access to the personal information, loss, destruction, manipulation and disclosure of personal information. If, by any chance, accidents should occur, Plasteco will adopt necessary corrective action immediately.
  • Plasteco makes all the Plasteco's employees understand the importance of the privacy protection system for making them certainly respect the policy. To do so, Plasteco continuously and regularly conducts trainings for this purpose.
  • Plasteco assigns the administrator for privacy protection and regularly reviews the contents of the privacy protection policy to improve them.

About the personal information of customers who use this site

  1. About the usage of personal information
    The personal information including names, places of employment, addresses, and contact addresses gathered through the contact mail form of this site will be used within the following purposes. Plasteco does not reveal the personal information to the third party without asking the customers except for the cases of satisfying standards determined by laws and ordinances.
  2. The purpose of usage of personal information
    • For answering customers' inquiries and requests
    • For the purposes specified beforehand when gathering personal information
    • For conducting questionnaires and sending guidances about Plasteco's products and services
    • For conducting questionnaires and sending guidances about Plasteco's seminars and exibitions
  3. Contact information regarding the use of personal information
    Plasteco Corporation TEL: +81-72-754-1055