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Supercritical Inert Gas Foam Molding

Ultra Light PET Bottle Filling System

Ultra Light PET Bottle Filling System

Different from reuse and recycle : Ultimate solution to supply safe and ecological beverages to the people in the world

A 330-ml Ultra Light Bottle which Plasteco made weighs only 7 g, half the weight of an ordinary bottle.

Capacity 300ml Weights only 7g
  • For reducing the conventional bottle weight by half = 7g(300ml)
  • Easily crushed = Reducing the collection cost of empty bottles.
  • Filling and mouth sealing processes are completed under an aseptic condition right after molding bottles = Rinsing water is unnecessary.
  • Printable bottle surface = Bottle label might be omitted.
  • Total technical support = Plasteco designs consistent bottle filling lines including blow molding machine, filling, printing and labeling equipment.
  • Compact set-up of the equipment = Applicable to produce small quantity, large variety beverages for the local consumption.
  • Remote control of the equipment by the Super Vision System.
Ultra Light PET Bottle Filling System

Ultra Light PET Bottle Filling System

Bottle Filling, Printing and Casing Line

Plasteco designs totally integrated filling lines, including blow molders, filling systems, printing equipment, and bottle labelers.

Plasteco designs fully automatic bottled beverage production line from bottle molding to casing.

  • Applicable to wide range of production requirement
  • For variety of beverages such as water, tea, carbonated drink and juice
  • For wide range of equipment composition : Bottle molder, Filler, Capper, Pasteurizer, Labeler and Caser
  • Applicable to wide variety of bottle shapes and sizes


Composition example of bottled beverage production line


Bottle molder and bottle storage

  • Stretch blow bottle molder
  • Bottle silo

Sterilizing machines

  • Sterilizing conveyor
  • Pasteurizer
  • Bottle dryer

Other equipment

  • Bottle alignment machine
  • Conveyor system
  • Buffer table
  • Bottle weight checker

Rinsing, Filling, Sealing Equipment

  • Bottle rinsing, filling, sealing equipment
  • Cap feeder
  • Cap sterilizing unit

Wrapping and casing equipment

  • Shrink labeler
  • OPP labeler
  • Pad printer
  • Ink jet printer
  • Case around caser
  • Palletizer